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        Beijing Heyuan
        Project summary

        The Beijing Heyuan Clubhouse is located in the Yongtai Green Ecological Park in Haidian District, Beijing.

        Project details
        Beijing Heyuan Club is located in Yongtai Green Ecological Park, Haidian District, Beijing. The hall consists of three architectural culture themes: Beijing Siheyuan Tradition, European Holiday, Simple European Conception, and Eastern Civilized Chinese Culture. It is a collection of culture, business, leisure, Entertainment is one of the top business clubs.

        The hall covers the functional areas of “Golden Rice Dinner”, “President’s Club” and “Zen Culture”. It is reasonably equipped with banquet area, tea area, business office area, meeting area, multi-functional leisure area, ecological garden, super five-star room, etc. Quality hardware facilities, and specially hired the Diaoyutai State Hotel Health Master to conduct professional food guides to meet the needs of various high-end banquets, business meetings, exhibitions, fashion parties and other services. The hall is equipped with more than 400 square meters of multi-purpose wine cellars, which can store more than a thousand kinds of high-end wines.
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