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        Zhongtian Group's “Yinfeng Guanai 100 Points” Charity Fund helps the “Heart Dew Plan” and raises millions of funds for poor students.
        Zhongtian Group's “Yinfeng Guanai 100 Points” Charity Fund helps the “Heart Dew Plan” and raises millions of funds for poor students.

        Basketball pass love, charity warm pine lake. On May 16th, the “Heart Dew Plan” sponsored by the Songshan Lake Charity Association of Dongguan and the Songshan Lake Basketball Association of Dongguan City, the North China Student Olympics Charity Tournament and Charity Sale was successfully held at the Songshan Lake Yinfeng Yiju Hotel.

        The organizers, with the support of the “Yinfeng Guanai 100 Points” charity fund set up by Yinfeng Hotel Group, raised funds of RMB 1,314,400 for the poor students in Shaoguan, Guangdong.

        Guangdong Zhongtian Group has been continually diversifying and growing stronger and stronger, and has never forgotten to give back to the society and strive to make the charity light benefit the Quartet.

        Xinlu plans to fund 540 outstanding poor students

        Songshan Lake Charity Association “Heart Dew Plan” is an educational activity specially funded for outstanding poor students. Since its launch in 2012, it has accumulatively funded 540 outstanding poor students and distributed 1.35 million yuan in grants. project.

        After a year of preparations, as well as many field visits and communication, the “Heart Project” Yuebei Aid Project was finally confirmed. Talking about the project, Dongguan City Government consultant, NBA China's first person, Chinese men's basketball team leader, Song Tao Lake Charity Association President Song Tao said that this is what he has been preparing for the past year. “In the beginning, I planned to build Songshan Lake Experimental Primary School in the poverty-stricken mountainous areas in Guangdong Province. This idea was supported by Songshan Lake Experimental Primary School. At present, Songshan Lake Experimental Primary School and Guitou Town Primary School have already achieved joint construction.”

        NBA China's first person Song Tao invited the men's basketball team to help charity

        After the selection of the Guangdong North Aid Program, the Songshan Lake Charity Club will immediately plan a series of charity events.

        In the past, the old country, today's entrepreneur, as the honorary leader of the Chinese men's basketball team, Song Tao and the national men's basketball system have established a good relationship. I learned that the Olympic men’s basketball team recently played a warm-up match in Shenzhen. Song Tao launched a personal relationship, informed the national men’s basketball team of the significance of this Guangdong aid, and hoped to help students in northern Guangdong get teaching in the form of charity + basketball. Quality improvement.

        “I am really grateful to the national team coach Gong Luming and the Olympic coach Wu Qinglong. They learned that this charity event, they have no hesitation and unconditionally support us, our charity match can be held so successfully.” Song Tao Say thankful.

        Yinfeng Guanai 100 Funds sponsored the “Heart Project”

        There are two main contents of the “Heart Dew Plan” charity event: the National Olympic Charity Basketball Tournament & Charity Bazaar. As the main sponsor of this charity event, Zhongfeng Group's Dongguan Yinfeng Yiju Hotel has joined the charity event without hesitation.

        At this event, Yinfeng Yiju Hotel not only provides all venues for the Olympic charity basketball tournament and charity bazaar, but also provides comfortable accommodation for the event staff. Zhongtian Group also organized a corporate team and a national basketball player to conduct a charity match in the northern basketball park of Songshan Lake.

        Charity Bazaar will raise more than one million

        The charity bazaar held at Yinfeng Yiju Hotel was held in the form of an auction. The charity sale included paintings and paintings by famous painters, signature jerseys and basketballs of the national team and Hongyuan team.

        This charity event, Cui Peng of Guangdong Hongshan Biological Co., Ltd., and Yang Xiaobing of Jinmeiji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Chen Erlong, Chairman of Dongguan Deji Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Lin Haichuan, Chairman of Hongchuan Group, and Yifeng Hotel, Dongguan Yinfeng Zhang Yukai, Chairman of the Board, Zhang Wendong, Chairman of Edifier Company, and Li Yiqiang, Chairman of Guangdong Rongwen Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd. all took the initiative to lend a helping hand and join hands with charity through pledge.

        Among them, the National Olympic Basketball Charity Competition raised 30,400 yuan; the company directly donated 1 million yuan; in the charity sale, the Chinese men's basketball team signed basketball, jerseys and other items raised a total of 284,000 yuan. A total of 1,314,400 yuan was raised.

        Yinfeng Guanai 100 points" The boat of love will depart again

        The boat of love is about to depart again

        It is reported that after a careful evaluation, “Yinfeng Guanai 100 points” will select a group of special students from the “One Thousand One” platform to donate, and will help the end (from elementary school until the completion of the school), welcome You join our love fleet and become our love messenger!

        Self-reliance and self-reliance in the predicament

        I hope that Yinfeng’s love can motivate them.

        Your hotel in the Yinfeng Hotel Group

        Every time I stay, I am giving love.

        Let the children feel the sincerity and love of everyone

        We will set foot on your heavy love!

        Know more

        The “Yinfeng Guan Ai 100” charitable fund belongs to the Yinfeng Hotel Group Self-donation Foundation (a non-public fundraising foundation) under the Zhongtian Group. The fund's self-donation method is: from the room fee paid by the guests of the member stores of Yinfeng Hotel Group, 100 cents per room is injected into the fund, focusing on disaster relief, child care, and internal employees. Difficult rescue.